Thursday, November 14, 2013

July 8, 2013

Got up, took a shower, made some toast, took a huge dump and then said a short prayer. Can’t wait to see what today will have in storage. We are doing our Orientation for the program and also will be traveling locally to look at some nice views and things of that nature. Oh wait, Nikala, my traveling buddy, my partner in crime, woke up 30minutes late! Unacceptable lol (just kidding)! Okay, now we are waiting for Uncle (the guy that picks us up for the day) to come pick us up. I am kind of excited to see meet him because he has a huge personality which is pretty cool.


Okay, after we left this morning, we had a long day ahead of us. Today was probably one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had. We had the opportunity to experience a lot of history behind South Africa. I would explain everything in this reflection, but it would take up pages and pages of information. To shorten what I would say, Africa is full of pain and strong backgrounds and most people are here to help better the country and to invest further in the development of South Africa as well as Africa in a whole. I honestly learned a great deal of information about land, poverty, equality and the development of the country and how it is still developing.


We had several tours and the most eye opening part of the tours was when we were able to witness some of the townships and how the people there are living. This part of the tour taught me to appreciate what I have and to always remember that people value what they have and will fight for what is just. All of it is very hard to explain but if you want to hear more, come talk to me after I return to the states. I am pretty sure we will have more opportunities to experience how South Africa and Africa as a whole will develop.


After the day full of information, we are now spending time with our host family and watching TV.

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