Thursday, November 14, 2013

July 7, 2013

Before I start my day, I wanted to say that I was able to take a shower just fine after finding shower shoes (the problem I had to tackle the morning before! Read the July 6th post)! Today was a free day!!! We had absolutely nothing to do, which was interesting. We had a lot of fun, full of adventures and moments that will last forever. It all started on my friend getting pooped on by a wild pigeon, which was absolutely disgusting! So apparently, the pigeons only fly low and not high in the sky. I almost got smacked in the head with a pigeon and was freaking out! After that, we decided to walk around to look at the downtown shops. First we caught a cab and the bill was R170, which is equivalent to 17 US dollars. After that, we then noticed this area where they sell art and things of that nature. So, I think this is the coolest part because this is not the average area where people would go because you can bargain and I LOVE bargaining!!! I was able to get this really cool tiger picture down to a cheap price lol! The guy originally priced the photo at R500 and I was like ABSOLUTELY NOT!! This price of this picture must come down! I worked my magic and was able to get it down to R250, which is equivalent to 25.00 US dollars.


So I have never been to a beach before and I wanted to go and experience it. Well, let me tell you, I love it! Eventually, I want to visit it more often. So we were at this drop off right, and I wanted to get out and look over the Atlantic Ocean. Well this was probably a not so good idea lol! We were looking at it saying, “This is so pretty” and with me never being or visiting a beach, I was just in awe. Suddenly, I noticed a big wave and wasn’t to worried “Oh, this is such a huge wave” didn’t really think too much of it and next thing you know! The wave was so big we ended up getting soaked because of how big it actually was. It was the funniest thing in the world! Overall, it was the best thing that I had ever seen and I love it! I must come back and visit.


By and large, today was a great day. We ended the entire day with a close connection with Cedric and his wife, which are our host families. They told us about some history and how much of a rebel Cedric really is when it comes to the American life. This particular family has been hosting students since 2005 and they love it! They have to many memories from past students. I can’t wait to start creating memories with them and I will be staying in contact with them. They are good families! I can’t wait until this program actually starts.


All right, well we have to be up bright and early for Orientation. 6AM! This will be a struggle especially because I had been waking up that early back in June for the Star Program and for my other job. Oh well, IM IN AFRICA! Good night!!!

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