Thursday, November 14, 2013

July 6th 2013

WE FINALLY ARRIVED TO SOUTH AFRICA!! Let me just say, the traveling was an experience in itself. With 22 hours of traveling, 4 layovers and a potential scare of lost luggage, it was honestly an experience. We almost missed our flights and all the signs where in a different language, so we had to translate what was being communicated. All in all, we made it to our homestay and now I am reflecting on the last few days of just travel. Day 1: The reality of studying abroad in South Africa did not really hit until we unloaded the plane and ended up being outside the airport and then a tumbling of events such as them losing our luggage. For some odd reason, the entire system in the Jo’berg airport decided to crash and therefore the conveyer belts and all the luggage transportation methods were off. 15 minutes before our flight left, we decided to leave our luggage nearest to the front desk. Well, it turns out that they ended up loading our luggage on a completely different plane that landed later that day, which then delayed our program and then delayed the entire day.


You are probably reading this and wondering “Why in the world would I study abroad to put myself through all of this”…and what I saw on the airport wall was “An experience is not an experience unless you have been rained on and then ending with a bright sunny day”. This quote is definitely the truth when it comes to studying abroad because it’s like a roller coaster, you must adjust. All in all, it was an exhausting day and we finally made it to the homestay where we met our awesome homestay family. They are the sweetest and extremely funny. Anyhow, its about 1am so that means I need to be in bed, sleep! Next situation I must tackle is taking a shower with no shower shoes!!! EW!

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