Thursday, November 14, 2013

July 31, 2013

Wow, the program is almost all over! I can’t believe it. I have learned so much all though at times it seemed repetitive. One thing that I noticed myself saying a lot of the times, is that I wish I could get a lot more exposure than what we have. What I have failed to realized is that this is an experience for me, but we are here to help serve patients and if it means following doctors around learning ways to provide better health care, then that is an experience in itself.


July 24, 2013

So, the last couple of days where quite interesting except, the hospital stuff is getting a little repetitive until just a few days ago. We went to Retreat, which is another hospital (tertiary hospital) that most patients will go to on their first way and that place was loaded. I felt like there was so much more to learn. It was definitely different than from Victory hospital. It was kind of an eye opener. Seeing these different places are beginning to challenge me and encourage me to practice international health care and work as an emergency physician for a country or maybe even through the military because after seeing what I saw, there is a serious need out there.

July 20, 2013

Soo, today was probably one of the worst best days ever! We went shark cave diving and boy was that an experience to remember! I love CapeTown and this whole international health care thing, but Shark Cave Diving is definitely not for me! I enjoyed the sharks and such, but in order to get to them was horrible. We had to drive the boat 30 minutes out in the middle of the Atlantic and boy did my Seasickness kick in! I was sick as a dog, as a matter a fact, I am sick now as I write this damn blog! But overall, it was great! I have done so much stuff since I have been here. Now I can say that I have done so much stuff and will continue to do more.


July 17, 2013

A few days ago, we went hiking on one of the more popular mountains in South Africa called Lions Head, and it was actually pretty fun. My entire body was sore when I woke up to go to the hospitals. It was fun, got to bond with the other girls which is always fun.


Okay, I am getting a little irritated with some of these people we are studying abroad with. They are getting a little comfortable with each other and that doesn’t always go as well. I tend to not get comfortable with people a lot for these particular reasons. Another thing that adds to the problem is that they are all girls and we only have 2 guys that are studying abroad in this program and our choices seem to not matter as much and really it should because we all have funded ourselves to enjoy this trip so we all should have the right to decide what happens.


Anyhow, enough of me complaining blame it on the Cul Cul Cul Culture shock! Lol! But, this weekend should be pretty fun. We are taking another tour full of things to do and we will be hiking Table Mountain on Saturday, which should be fun.


Oh, I totally forgot, I need to go shopping for groceries and for gifts for everyone, so I am going to make my list right on this blog so I don’t forget (what, its me using my resources!!!)


Basic Groceries


Nic Nac Snacks

Mouth Wash


Gift Shopping




Mrs. Nay

Uncle Scrapp







Aunt Connie

Aunt Jeantte





That is a lot of damn people that I am related to!


Oh, one last thing, I bought over 10 items at the largest mall in the southern hemisphere and it only cost me 10 US dollars (that’s just an idea on how much our 1 is worth). These aren’t just any-o 10 items; I mean nice jackets, watches, shirts, hats and more! I am having way too much fun.

July 18, 2013

Okay, it has been several days since I have blogged so I must blog now. Nothing has really changed in the last couple of days. This past weekend was the most interesting in terms of fun stuff like bungie jumping, but in the last couple of days, nothing special. In the last couple of days, we have been working in the hospitals and learning a lot about TB (Tuberculosis) and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). HIV and TB are the two most common diseases here in t         he South Africa and I wonder why. Smoking and Drinking are two common acts here in South Africa and TB is usually caused by smoking. But my question is, in the US, we have several Americans who smoke and don’t contract TB has fast and rapid as does here in the South Africa. Its interesting.


Now, before I left America, I was informed about something called Culture Shock. At the time, I had no idea what that was or even would feel like. Well, let me tell you, I feel it! I am starting to miss a lot of small things that I have in the US. I am beginning to get irritated with how they treat women and men here in South Africa. I am getting irritated with the driving laws and regulations. Today is Mendella day and I am a little worried with how this country will respond to this day. The inner workings of the hospitals are beginning to get a little irritating. There are a lot of things that I miss and I know its culture shock because here in South Africa, they absolulety believe in in putting Butter and Margin on just about everything and its getting really disgusting. I have asked my homestay mother several times to not put butter on our PEA NUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWHICH (right, disgusting!) and she still does it because it is a part of her culture. It is things that I am not use to that is getting to me lol! But I know that this will be so beneficial for me when I return. I was in the shower and I told myself that I cannot wait until classes start, but then I soon realized that I will be taking Organic Chemistry and soon began to appreciate where I am.

July 14, 2013

Wow, this weekend was SOOOO MUCH FUN! I had so much fun that I forgot to contact my family and left my phone in the hotel room. So this weekend was the weekend where the entire group spent together doing activities 5 hours away from our homestay. We did things like: Feeding the elephants, riding astringes, safaris, cruise boats, ate the hottest restaurants and more! Oh I totally forgot, one of the most important things we did BUNGIE JUMPING FROM THE TALLEST BRIDGE IN THE WORLD! OMG, this was insane.  Overall it was a great time and I enjoyed all of it. The photos and videos will explain my experience.


July 11, 2013

Tea and Toast again! Today should be a good day!!


Okay the last couple of days have been really busy in the hospital. We have seen so many different patients who have been diagnosed with many different situations. I think one case in particular stuck out the most when we the doctor decided to make the decision that this patient who had gangrene (which is a disease that patients with who are severe diabetics get that eats away at the tissue and then causes the area to be necrotic).


I am beginning to get a little frustrated. Before I even start, this is one of the best experiences thus far and I am having a great deal of time, but it is looking as if this program will begin to get really repetitive and the doctors at the clinic are not fans of “pre med” students because we are not knowledgeable to be able to answer the level of questions they are asking. It gets a little frustrating when I am standing around watching the doctor fill out paper work and visits the same patients. So because I am paying $2757.00, I decided to seek out other areas of the hospital where I could get more exposure. It was at the moment where I appreciated the idea of making your own experience. I wanted more, I wanted a higher intensity of exposure, I wanted to see more interesting cases so I found this other doctor who was on-call and doctors who are on-call ended up being in the area of the hospital where people come in and are needing immediate assistance. I thought that was an interesting area of the hospital. I definitely could not be a general practitioners because it is so boring. I need a variety in my daily tasks and each student my feel different.


Anyhow, enough about the hospital, and more about the fun stuff! I WENT TO THE BEACH AND WATCHED THE SUNSET!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! I got to let the sand go through my toes and the water run across my skin. It was amazing! I love the beach and I will definitely be getting a beach house some day. Also, we went to this Sushi place and it was awesome!!! Got a little buzzed from the drinks, but it was a really nice place! The sushi was half off which was great!!!


Overall, it was a great time and I loved it. I am trying to make this experience something that I will never forget because after this, is studying for the MCAT can getting ready to use everything that I learned over the past three years (Working in science labs, CNA, Shadowing Docs, working in research labs, clubs and organizations) and apply it in an interview or gather it to think of an awesome way to develop a method to advertise myself as a great doctor. This experience will definitely help deliver that idea; I will have things to talk about in the interview.